Can Democrats Win Rural Virginia Voters (…the answer is YES)

Great piece from Sarah Jones at the New Republic this past week. Big takeaway:

“…as far as the governor’s race is concerned, there are signs of life. Northam has released an extensive rural development plan, and though white papers didn’t help Clinton win rural voters, Northam’s roots in the state’s eastern shore region may give him a boost. In conversations with the New Republic, Democrats in rural western Virginia largely expressed optimism about the party’s trajectory there, despite the GOP’s dominance and popular perceptions of rural communities as backwards, ignorant places. Underneath these narrative burdens, local organizers have made inroads, determined to shift the region in a more progressive direction. The task ahead is daunting, they say, but not impossible.”

Rural Forward firmly believes that every election in rural America is an opportunity for candidates to develop real economic plans that will help Main Street, and not just Wall Street. And it’s a chance to finally institute policies that will help those who work hard, and play by the rules.

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